Murder in Zell am See

I recently met an Israeli agent here in Thuringia, in the middle of the forest. The guy obviously came from Austria and had a big, dangerous dog with him. His car I had previously noticed, it had a mark from the Salzburg country, „district Zell am See“.

He involved me in a conversation and told me to be in the area „since January“. I was taciturn and wanted to look far, when the Israeli ordered his dog „seat“ (which means „do not talk about radioactivity“.) After completing the usual threats and calling him a dirty son of Zion, it came to my mind that I know the city of Zell am See and that there are a lot of tourists from the Arab world.

2016 was my last time in Zell. I know a lot of people there personally. These are serious criminals who distribute radioactive material for money and thus operate a veritable murder industry.

A woman from Saudi-Arabia with her daughter (Screenshot YouTube)

In the town of Zell am See, you can see many women from Saudi Arabia, covered in the betrayal of the Muslim cause. The many „child-friendly“ offers in the city hide – in the midst of the idyll of the landscape – as much as possible the real offer: Because you do not have that in the Arab world, the Saudis come here for their children and husbands, now and then the wife, sick or kill with radioactive substances.

A supermarket of death that is run by a former beauty queen from Bramberg im Pinzgau and her son, a professional killer named Roman. Anyone who knows a little bit of Rotwelsch can „wonder through“ in the city, enjoy the mountains and poison his own because there is no such thing in the Muslim countries.

May the Lord punish these people and the police put a stop to mass murder.

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